This is my homey. He happens to be the shit!


DJFraud aka Just Kevin aka JK

This guy is my sexy friend who spends his time traveling from Los Angeles to Las Vegas to Chicago, playing high profile parties in the underground music scene. Here’s what Chicago-based publication, Brilliantly Mad Magazine, said about him:

JK (L.A./Chicago) – Fraud aka Just Kevin now known as JK is an accomplished producer, singer, bassist, guitarist, and dj. With his roots in the Chicago underground JK held two weekly residencies, and played shows throughout the midwest and east coast. Continuing his never ending quest for acceptance, Kevin moved to LA in 2006 to spread the word in the west. After playing his first west coast show in San Francisco at The End Up, he has progressed quickly and made himself known throughout the LA club scene, from playing in his band at The Viper Room to djing clubs like Joseph’s on Sundays, Circus on Saturdays, Thursday weekly resident at Remedy Lounge, Wednesday residency at Custom Hotel, King King Hollywood for Incognito, M Bar, and most recently resident at Heart(740 club) on Sundays. Kevin lives the music, and people can see that he is innovative, and talented. Recently collaborating on tracks with with people like K’Sandra, Toby Lee Jones, Superstar DJ Keoki, Jason Tyler, Mel Hammond, Todd Sanders, Cache and many others to produce tracks, he is also in bands “Autonomous Unit”, “Sex Ferrari”, and “Recommended by God”. Signed on EMP Audio, JK using his old dj name, Fraud, released his first EP “Mrs. McCarthy” and “Maximal” in March 2009 on Beatport, and received good attention. JK’s newest mixes can be downloaded free on soundcloud, or heard live on radio stations such as 93.3 FM in Denver, WZRD FM in Chicago, or 88.9 in Los Angeles. JK spins his own unique blend of house and techno. This creates a high energy atmosphere on the dance floor. On a constant search for the best new music, coolest places, and hottest people. JK not only impresses the crowd, he gains the respect of other dj’s and producers. On the other side of the coin, his live performances are truly incredible. If you get the chance to see him spin, or even better, play live, don’t miss it. –Dave Zim, Brilliantly Mad Magazine, Chicago.

Jeez. The grammatical errors in there drive me nuts! But regardless of my OCD about editing PUBLISHED ARTICLES correctly, Brilliantly Mad Magazine got it right. Kevin is a genius and a one man show, to top it off.

Visit his various online profiles to listen to and download his awesome music:

Official JK (Soundcloud)

JK Music (Soundcloud)

JK DJ Sets (Soundcloud)

JK Remixes (Soundcloud)

Newfangled Recordings (

Kevinjk Fraud (ReverbNation)

Kevin is also the owner of Newfangled Spider Media Inc. and Newfangled Recordings, which has its own charity, Selfless.

Sheesh! This guy has been super busy!

Here’s a taste of his incredible music. He writes, produces and masters every part of every song (unless it’s a remix):


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